Limited edition prints are available (except Burning Man pictures, which are not for sale).

I personally do my own printing on Fine Art Hahnemühle paper, with Epson UltraChrome HDX inks, to ensure the highest Gallery-grade quality.

All pictures shot with Leica cameras : T, M, SL.

More information on request :


If you are tempted by a shooting, don't be shy…

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Hi! My name is Jean-Philippe Lemaire!

All this began with the wonderfully great idea to buy a Leica a few years ago, and bring it with me wherever I go. This is the kind of idea that makes you travel more, and go from Europe to your first Burning Man the following year, for example…

A few years and kilometers later, my camera is still always in my bag wherever I go, each and every day, and still invites me to hit unknown roads and meet unknown people. This also gave me the chance to be among the accredited photographers for Burning Man in 2018.

So, streets, nature, forgotten urban places - or, in fact, any other location where I happen to get lost - have always been my favorite playgrounds.

And as my path is also crossing more and more models, I'm also building a nice experience in fashion/glam shootings. Natural light only whenever possible, everything shot 100% manual : good old-school methods, for a natural feel.

So, to wrap up,
if you like my pictures and if you want to get in touch,
if you don’t like my pictures and want to tell me,
if you wish to organize a shooting because you just feel so,
don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail :

I don’t bite, and it’s always great to have feedback, and to get to hear from new people!

I hope you’ll enjoy my pictures!

And if you want to follow me, I have two IG accounts : @reboot_lu for the dusty pics and @reboot_and_wander for the other pics…



Because now is always the perfect moment to start something new!

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